KCTPhone for Desktop (Mac/Windows)

Transform Your Computer into a Communications Engine

KCTPhone™ for Desktop turns a user’s computer into a fully featured phone that is primed to take full advantage of all of Kit Carson unified communications features.

StarPhone for DesktopKCTPhone™ (Kit Carson Phone) for Desktop lets users make, answer, hold, and transfer calls, handle multiple calls at the same time, participate in voice and video conferencing, search phone directories, search through missed calls, access voicemail, integrate calls with CRM software, and more.
Users can use KCTPhone™ for Desktop with virtually any sufficient bandwidth, allowing them to turn their home, hotel room, Internet café, or other remote location into a fully featured office. Workforce mobility has never been this easy or powerful.
KCTPhone™ for Desktop also presents users with the possibility of reducing hardware costs.