SPA 525G2

Kit Carson Special Edition

The Cisco SPA525G2 IP phone can easily grow with your business. New features can be added to the phone over time via firmware updates. New employees or employees who need to move to another location can simply plug in their preconfigured phones anywhere on the network, and the network will recognize the change. The phone also supports wireless network connectivity, providing unrestricted placement without the cost of running network cabling.

SPA 525G2 Features

  • 5 line appearances 
  • Backlit color LCD display 
  • Speakerphone 
  • Two-port Ethernet switch 
  • Power over Ethernet 
  • Supports 2 attendant consoles 
  • Bluetooth headset support 
  • Mobile phone integration 
  • Built-in call recording on USB memory 
  • EHS headset support
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