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Understanding Monthly Rates and Govt. Fees for Phone Services

Unlimited local and long distance calling in the lower 48 states U.S.

FREE 411 Directory Assistance, Voicemail, Readable Voicemail, Private Listing and more

Voice Features

Kit Carson Voice provides much more than just being able to talk all you want. As well as unlimited local and long distance calling, Kit Carson Voice includes over 18 of the most popular phone features.

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Call Waiting with Caller ID

When you're on the phone and someone else is calling, it's nice to know who it is. Call Waiting with Caller ID from Kit Carson Voice allows you to see who's calling and you can decide whether or not to answer it.

Call Waiting

Don't miss an important call just because you're on the phone. With Call Waiting from Kit Carson Voice, a soft beep will let you know another person is calling you.

Caller ID

With Caller ID from Kit Carson Voice, any incoming caller's phone number and name, if available, are displayed on a caller ID unit before you answer the call.

Block Anonymous Calls

Reject calls from anyone whose caller ID information is blocked. Callers will automatically receive a message that you're not accepting Caller ID Blocked calls and will be advised to unblock their number and try their call again.

Voice Online Manager

Manage your home phone from anywhere, at home or on the go with Voice Online Manager, available at no extra cost for customers with Kit Carson Voice.

Block Unwanted Callers

From Kit Carson Voice lets you automatically route designated numbers to a polite message stating that calls are not being accepted at this time.

Repet Dialing*

Repeat Dialing allows you to automatically redial a busy number for you and then notifies you when the number is no longer busy so you can get through.

3-Way Calling

With 3-Way Calling, you can speak to two different parties at the same time. Additionally, you can also place one party on hold while you speak privately to the other, and then return to the 3-Way call.

Selective Call Forwarding

Forward incoming calls coming from only a select group of phone numbers.

VIP Ringing

A distinctive ring identifies calls from numbers that you select.

Speed Dial

No need to memorize phone numbers when you can program up to 8 numbers for fast, one-digit dialing.

All Call Forwarding

Forward incoming calls to another number when you're away from home so that you won't miss important calls.

Accept Selected Callers

Limit incoming calls to selected designated numbers and route all other incoming calls to your voicemail.

Simultaneous Ring

Simultaneous Ring lets you designate additional numbers to ring when your home phone rings.

Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb forwards all incoming calls to your voicemail.

Readable Voicemail

The Readable Voicemail feature can send you an audio file and full text transcription of your received voicemail via email.


It's your own personal answering service. Now callers can leave messages for you when your line is busy, when you're away from home, or when you just can't make it to the phone. Whenever you hear a stutter dial tone on your home phone line, it means you have a new message.

Family Safety Features

In case of emergency Kit Carson Voice provides enhanced 911 services, much like traditional phone companies, to help emergency personnel quickly respond. Additionally, Kit Carson Voice will also work with most monitored home security systems.

Family comes first with Kit Carson Voice

Kit Carson Voice will also work during a power outage with the appropriate backup battery installed. This battery will provide up to eight hours of standby and five hours of talk time to provide you with Kit Carson Voice services even during a power outage.

The point is, you can't rely on you cell phone alone to help keep your family safe.

Kit Carson provides an optional backup battery for an additional cost.

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Unlimited Nationwide to Lower 48 States & International Calling Plans Available

At Kit Carson, we have calling plans for all of your international needs.