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Save More with SCE Rebates and Incentives

Find out about rebates and incentives that can help you conserve energy and save money. 

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The SCE Marketplace lets you research energy-saving products. Here, in one convenient location, you can compare appliances, electronics, and connected home products; calculate savings for switching to more efficient models; find retailers; and more.

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Current Rebates

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Smart Thermostat Rebates | Up to $125

Receive a $75 bill credit when you enroll your qualifying smart thermostat in the Smart Energy Program through one of our Authorized Service Providers. Receive an additional $50 Energy Efficiency bill credit rebate through the  FGE Marketplace.  The Energy Efficiency rebate is valid with proof of purchase on qualifying energy-efficient models purchased on or after January 1, 2019. See  Terms and Conditions  for full details.

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Electric Vehicle Rebate | Up to $1,000

With the Clean Fuel Reward program, you may be eligible for up to a $1,000 rebate for purchasing or leasing a new or used electric vehicle. Funded by California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard program, this rebate rewards you for fueling with electricity.

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Variable Speed Pool Pump Rebate | Up to $200

Variable speed pool pumps are up to 75% more energy-efficient than single-speed or two-speed pool pumps, which use more energy than most home appliances. Starting June 1, 2019, you may be eligible to receive a $200 instant rebate from local retailers, pool professionals or distributors on the purchase of a variable speed pool pump. Inquire with your installer or sales representative to obtain the rebate instantly. Pool pumps purchased online are not eligible for a rebate. View the Terms and Conditions.<{http://www.w3.org/2000/svg}svg aria-hidden="true" class="svg-inline--fa fa-file-pdf fa-w-12" data-fa-i2svg="" data-icon="file-pdf" data-prefix="far" role="img" viewbox="0 0 384 512"><{http://www.w3.org/2000/svg}path d="M369.9 97.9L286 14C277 5 264.8-.1 252.1-.1H48C21.5 0 0 21.5 0 48v416c0 26.5 21.5 48 48 48h288c26.5 0 48-21.5 48-48V131.9c0-12.7-5.1-25-14.1-34zM332.1 128H256V51.9l76.1 76.1zM48 464V48h160v104c0 13.3 10.7 24 24 24h104v288H48zm250.2-143.7c-12.2-12-47-8.7-64.4-6.5-17.2-10.5-28.7-25-36.8-46.3 3.9-16.1 10.1-40.6 5.4-56-4.2-26.2-37.8-23.6-42.6-5.9-4.4 16.1-.4 38.5 7 67.1-10 23.9-24.9 56-35.4 74.4-20 10.3-47 26.2-51 46.2-3.3 15.8 26 55.2 76.1-31.2 22.4-7.4 46.8-16.5 68.4-20.1 18.9 10.2 41 17 55.8 17 25.5 0 28-28.2 17.5-38.7zm-198.1 77.8c5.1-13.7 24.5-29.5 30.4-35-19 30.3-30.4 35.7-30.4 35zm81.6-190.6c7.4 0 6.7 32.1 1.8 40.8-4.4-13.9-4.3-40.8-1.8-40.8zm-24.4 136.6c9.7-16.9 18-37 24.7-54.7 8.3 15.1 18.9 27.2 30.1 35.5-20.8 4.3-38.9 13.1-54.8 19.2zm131.6-5s-5 6-37.3-7.8c35.1-2.6 40.9 5.4 37.3 7.8z" fill="currentColor">

Why Use a Pool Professional to Install Your New Pump

Are you a pool equipment distributor who would also like to offer instant discounts to pool professionals who purchase variable speed pool pumps at your locations? Email us at info@friscoge.com 

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Home or Business Area Network Rebate | $25

Make smart choices about how you use energy with a home or business area network (HAN) and get a $25 rebate. You’ll also be able to view near real-time energy usage data and access daily cost and billing information. 

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Get Smart About Energy Efficiency

Visit the  Energy Management Center  to find out about the latest energy management technology for your home or business.

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Qualify for Energy Efficient Appliances

See if you’re eligible for free appliances and services with the  Energy Savings Assistance Program .

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