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Welcome to the Outage Center

We are committed to keeping you informed. If your power is out or you are looking for outage resources, you’re in the right place.

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Report an Outage

Let us know if you’re experiencing an outage or a street light is out. To report downed wires, please call 911.

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View Your Maintenance Outages

Did you receive a notice from us about a planned outage? You can check its status using the Outage Number on your notification.

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Powering Off for Safety

One of the ways we’re reducing wildfire risks is Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) events. During these events, we may need to proactively shut off power in high fire risk areas as a result of extreme weather conditions.

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Stay Informed

Make sure your contact information is accurate and sign up to receive outage alerts.

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Did your AC stop working?

Your air conditioning may be off because you’re enrolled in the Summer Discount Plan, a special program in which enrolled customers give us permission to turn off their air conditioning during periods of high energy demand. Access your settings to opt-out or change your preferences.

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Power Talks

Learn why power outages occur and how we work with you to minimize impacts at one of our upcoming events.

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Cool Centers

Need a break from the heat? Get relief at your local Cool Center.

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