Kit Carson Voice Features

Three-Way Calls

Set up conferences with up to two other numbers for group conversations while you’re on the phone.

Call Forwarding

Transfers your incoming calls to another phone number. You don't have to miss calls when you're away from the office.

KCT Messaging

Provides a single voice mailbox for both your office and mobile phones. AT&T Messaging gives you voicemail-to-text notifications.

Find Me Follow Me

Incoming calls can ring on multiple landline and wireless phones at the same time until you answer the call or it goes to voicemail.

Call Waiting

Lets you know you have an incoming call while you’re on the phone.

Caller ID

View the name and phone number of the caller before you answer.

Equipment and Installation

Professional Installation

Our technicians will install your equipment and verify that your services are up and running. (Additional charges apply.)

Not available at all locations. Subject to availability.

Option to port (transfer) numbers may not be available in all circumstances.

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