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Energy Advisor: 5 Minutes to Energy Savings

Ready to find simple and often low- or no-cost ways to make your home more energy efficient? Reducing your monthly bill could be easier than you think. Our Energy Advisor is an online survey that gives you customized savings recommendations. Plus, find out what uses the most energy in your home so you can maximize your savings.

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Take Our Survey

In less than 5 minutes, take our survey by telling us about your home. You can then save your profile and check out customized suggestions to help you save.

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Get Tips & Save

Use your profile and survey results to search for tips by category: cooling, appliances, lighting and more. You can also learn easy behaviors to help you conserve, like how adjusting your TV display can save you up to $13-$18 per year.

Trouble Logging In?

We’re sorry that you’re having difficulties. Below are some helpful tips on how to work through some common issues.

I get an error message after logging in.

Try logging out and then click "Log In" below. Once logged in, click on "Learn More" under the Energy Advisor section.

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I don't have a Login ID.

If you do not have a login ID you will need to register. As soon as you complete the registration, we will need some time to get you set up. Please save your login ID and wait 1-2 days before accessing your tool. We apologize for this delay and will do our very best to get you going soon.

Is my account eligible?

Certain accounts will not be eligible to use Energy Advisor. These include Net Energy Metering (NEM) and Direct Access (DA).