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Demand Response Programs for Business

Incentive Programs for Your Business

When your  eligible  business participates in a Demand Response program, you can take advantage of high electricity demands to save money and energy.

What is the demand response?

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Demand Response (“DR”) programs offer incentives for reducing your electricity use when the demand for electricity is high. During these periods, we may call a DR “event.” You’ll be asked or remotely signaled to reduce your energy usage. In return, you may receive bill credits, a reduced rate, or other forms of compensation. You may also be eligible to receive extra incentives if you allow DR-enabling technology to be installed in your business.

Whether you’re a commercial, agricultural, or industrial customer, you can choose from a variety of DR programs through SCE and independent third parties that can help you save energy and money. Learn how Demand Response programs contribute to a clean energy future, and the impact these programs can make during emergency situations.

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Use of Circuit Breakers During DR Events

Since safety is SCE’s number one priority, SCE will never advise its customers to participate in Demand Response events by turning on and off electricity at their circuit breakers. Most residential circuit breakers are not designed to work as on/off switches during DR events, and improper and frequent use may lead to hazardous conditions or damage to your electronic equipment and appliances. SCE does not recommend this practice for demand response.  If you do flip your circuit breaker on or off for any reason, SCE recommends you exercise the appropriate precautions which include, but are not limited to:

  1. Wearing and using protective gear to protect against arc flash;
  2. Turning equipment off before turning the circuits back on to avoid  damage or excessive wear;
  3. Checking with the panel manufacturer to confirm whether the panel  is designed for this type of use; and
  4. Ensuring circuits do not support medical devices, smoke detectors, fire alarms, and other critical or safety-related equipment and devices.
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How will I get notified about an event?

There are a variety of ways that you can receive notifications about a DR event, including mobile app alerts, text messages, email, and phone calls. 

You can also easily search past and current DR events with our online tool.