Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Connect Like Enterprises

A growing number of small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are tapping into fiber solutions that were once available only to enterprise-level business. Just a few advantages of deploying fiber solutions: access to cloud-based services, increased bandwidth, advanced network security, storage, IP VPN, videoconferencing services, and bandwidth on demand. The fiber advantage is especially true if your SMB is located in a multitenant unit (MTU). Multitenant units are a unique type of locale or building; the number of employees who work there may be relatively small, but the business requirements are more complex and demanding.

We know that as an SMB owner, you're likely to need fiber-based service packages that also meet the unique demands of multitenant units. That's why we have committed to delivering broadband (high-speed Internet) services to an additional 1 million business locations situated in multitenant units across the AT&T service area. Check out this white paper from IDC Technology to learn more about fiber solutions in the multitenant environment, and how they can positively impact your small or mid-sized business.