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I nternet Service – Residential

Our best overall value bundled for an residential internet service at an affordable monthly price.

Our packages include as follows:

Ultra high speed internet – your choice of speeds ranging from 5mbps to 100mbps.

– 5Mbps Up / 5Mbps Down $29.95 per month 
– 30Mbps Up / 30Mbps Down $39.95 per month 
– 50Mbps Up / 50Mbps Down $49.95 per month 
– 100Mbps Up / 100Mbps Down $99.95 per month

Internet Services – Business

Our internet for Business package has a great number of choices at an affordable monthly price.

Our Packages offers:

– 30 Mbps Up / 30 Mbps Down $69.95 per month 
– 50 Mbps Up / 50 Mbps Down $89.95 per month 
– 100 Mbps Up / 100 Mbps Down $129.95 per month

Digital Phone for (Residential/Business)

We provide Digital Phone along with the internet services for both Residential and Business category.

We offer as below:

– Single line @$25.00 per month 
– Second line @$20.00 per month 
– Bundle combines with internet for a $5

Kit Carson Technologies is a subsidiary of Kit Carson Electric Co-Op. We provide Gigabit Fiber Optic internet to our members. Our service terrritory includes Questa, Costilla, Amalia, Taos, Taos Pueblo, Taos Ski Valley, Red River, Angel Fire and Sipapu Ski & Summer Resort. 

Call us about availability in your area.

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